EnhanceYourWellbeingHealingTeasSometimes a steaming cup of tea is more than a beverage; it’s a full healing experience!

All of our healing teas combine delicious taste with a healthy effect.

You can choose by taste, or you can choose by health, or both!

Click here to go DIRECTLY to the Healing Tea page on our Sister-site. We also have an online digital catalogue that lists all of our healing teas on pages 23-28, in the catalogue there is also a Tea Caffeine chart, tea types for health chart, & Tea Types by benefit chart. Get your tea from our online catalog here

All of our teas have healing properties, however, don’t feel limited in your choice of choosing to drink a tea for its taste due to the health properties listed, the teas will not give you the opposite effect of the health property.

All of our Healing Teas are packaged in Rice Paper Stand Up Pouches FDA Food-Approved. Heat-sealed for your safety, and with a zip-lock so you can re-seal your teas to keep them fresh.

The tradition of drinking healing tea to maintain good health goes back hundreds of years. Early Buddhist & Chinese writings on healing herbs each list Camellia sinensis (the tea plant) consistently as being a potent medicine for promoting good health, longevity, & keeping the mind alert. There is quite a bit of scientific evidence to support many of these ancient claims. Medical & health care professionals agree that drinking tea has many benefits and is a healthy addition to any diet.

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